Teachers : Maker of the Future

    We have  always been familiar with the phrase, "My Teacher , My Hero" ,  a very short, simple and overused phrase  to describe teachers.  But for me, a   teacher is someone who  goes  an  extra mile for their students to encourage them to do their best. They see the potential in their students and encourage them to accomplish assigned tasks  no matter how hard it  is. Teachers see potentials of each student, inspire and nurture  them to overcome  challenges in life  despite challenges encountered in life. In the process they  grow  as responsible   members of their respective communities. 

    I remember my former adviser in grade 9, Ma'am Emma Samuray, who encouraged my mother to let me join the Division Journalism Press Con. My mother is against the idea of me joining competitions but  seeing that I am very enthusiastic towards photography and photojournalism, she saw the potential and believed  that my enthusiasm will pay off and  I will be able to learn more about Journalism. She is also willing to shoulder half of my expenses in that competition. As a matter of fact, she asked the permission of my mother and persuaded her to let me join the competition.  Because of her encouragement and how she persuaded my mother, I was able to join the competition and win an award  for our school. 

    In conclusion, I can say that  teachers are angels on earth. How they shape a student reach their potentials is really amazing. They inspire students like me to believe in myself and to overcome whatever we perceive my  limitations. To fly high,  provide us with necessary assistance, to fulfill our  mission in life., 

    In celebration of World Teachers Day, let us thank our ‘Teachers’ for seeing the potential of their students and encouraging them to soar  with great accomplishments in life.   

    Thank you  great teachers, our unseen heroes! 


- Rozeil Anne L. Fabillar

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